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Nom Type Editeur Année Langage Système Taille Manuel
Jack In The Dark Aventure Infogrames 1993 Fr / En / D DOS 1,3 Mo
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Golf Accolade 1988 English DOS 0,6 Mo
Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf Golf Accolade 1990 English DOS 1,0 Mo
Jack the Ripper Aventure Gametek 1994 English DOS 16,5 Mo
Jacks Reflexion Symantec 1991 English Win 3.x 0,1 Mo
Jagged Alliance Stratégie Sir Tech 1995 English DOS 21,0 Mo
James Bond 007 - A View to a Kill Aventure MindScape 1985 English DOS 0,2 Mo
James Pond 2 - Robocod Plateforme Millenium 1993 English DOS 1,0 Mo
Jammit Basket Ball GTE Entertainment 1994 English DOS 5,7 Mo
Janitor Joe Arcade Kevin Bales 1985 English DOS 0,1 Mo
Jaws Simulation Box Office Software 1989 English DOS 0,4 Mo
Jazz Jackrabbit Arcade Epic 1994 English DOS 12,0 Mo
Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition Arcade Epic 1994 English DOS 3,1 Mo
J-Bird Arcade Orion Software 1983 English DOS 0,1 Mo
Jeopardy! (1987) Reflexion ShareData 1987 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jeopardy! (1988) Reflexion ShareData 1988 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jeopardy! (1989) Reflexion Gametek 1989 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jeopardy! Junior Edition Reflexion ShareData 1989 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jeopardy! Second Edition Reflexion Gametek 1990 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jet 2.0 Simulation Sublogic 1985 English DOS 0,2 Mo English
Jet Fighter Simulation Memorex 1988 English DOS 0,5 Mo English
Jet Fighter 2 Simulation Velocity 1990 English DOS 1,5 Mo
Jetpack Arcade Impulse Software 1993 English DOS 0,8 Mo
Jill of the Jungle Plateforme Epic 1992 English DOS 3,3 Mo
Jim Power Plateforme Loriciel 1993 English DOS 1,3 Mo
Jimmy Connor's Pro Tennis Tour (Cf. Pro Tennis Tour)
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Billard Virgin 1992 English DOS 0,2 Mo
Jinxter Aventure Magnetic Wossnames 1987 English DOS 0,7 Mo
Jo Guest in The Milk Round Adulte Interactive Girls 1993 English DOS 4,2 Mo
Joan of Arc Stratégie Chip 1989 English DOS 1,0 Mo
Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja (Cf. Caveman Ninja)
John Elway's Quaterback Football Am. Leland 1987 English DOS 0,4 Mo
John Madden Football Football Am. Electronic Arts 1989 English DOS 0,5 Mo
Jones in the fast lane Reflexion Sierra 1990 English DOS 1,0 Mo
Journey Jeu de Rôle Infocom 1989 English DOS 1,6 Mo
Joust Arcade Atari 1983 English DOS 0,1 Mo
Jr. Pac-Man Arcade Namco 1988 English DOS 0,1 Mo
Jumpman Arcade Epyx 1984 English DOS 0,3 Mo
Jumpman Lives ! Arcade Apogee 1991 English DOS 0,1 Mo
Jungle Strike Arcade Gremlin Inter. 1993 English DOS 3,2 Mo
Jurassic Park Action Ocean 1993 English DOS 4,4 Mo